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Access Control

Elco Security Systems can custom design and install access control systems to meet your home and business security needs.

We provide expert installation of access control systems.

Access control systems manage the entry and exit of people through a secure area.

It is a critical aspect of a complete intercom and security system for residential and commercial. 

Access to a building or office can be controlled by a key card, key fob, keypad, or fingerprint reader.

Our access control systems assign a digital signature to each individual.

Upon detection, the controller matches a set of permissions to that digital signature and acts accordingly to either grant or deny access to the individual. 

Additionally, a log file is created for monitoring purposes, storing the name, time and location of each event (i.e. each entry attempt).

· Access Control Remote Management via Internet

· Remote Doorman Service

· Restricted Parking Lot Access

· Keypads and Card Readers

· Photo ID Badges

· Fingerprint Readers

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